Where's the goddam PostScript driver!?

Where's the goddam PostScript driver!?

Post by David Perrel » Sat, 15 Mar 1997 04:00:00

Last summer I was told by an NT techrep that an upgraded PostScript printer
driver was a hot priority, and would be available shortly after NT4 was
released. What happened?

The current driver is flawed. There is no control over printer halftoning.
The halftone settings in NT are applied to bitmaps before the PostScript
data is sent to the printer. But vector graphics, such as Windows
MetaFiles, are not halftoned and thus print at the printer's default
setting. So there's no way to print coarse-screened graphics for
photocopying to a high-res laser printer, except by patching the
screen-setting PS code into a custom PPD. This sucks.

Windows 3.x and 95 PostScript drivers have always provided user control
over printer halftone settings. The information for doing so is included in
the PPD file for every PostScript printer. Why is it such a big deal to
provide this control to NT users?

Will there be a new PS printer driver for NT any time soon?

David Perrell