Winmodem / Enable Auto configuration

Winmodem / Enable Auto configuration

Post by News Bluewi » Mon, 26 Oct 1998 03:00:00

I some difficulties configuring my modem on COM3 :

Every time when I startup the PC, my analog modem on COM3 doesn't work at
all. As soon as I go to Winmodem and enable the option 'Enable
Autoconfiguration' and I restart the computer, then it works perfectly.
But as soon as I switch off the whole system, the procedure starts from
scratch (with the same problem).
Can anyone tell me how I can configure the COM3 Port properly without
restarting the PC all the time (after having enabled 'auto configuration').
Do I have to change anything in the BIOS ?

Thanks a lot for your help,



Windows NT 4.0 (Workstation)
Definitions in Winmodem: Com3: IRQ 7 , DMA 0, Address 110 (and auto
configuration is always disabled, even if I enable it and restart the
Computer it stays unmarked)
Modem:  DEC 28.8 V34 Data Fax PCMCIA, connected on COM3


1. Manual configuration??to enable me to see another computer?

Hello all......

I currently have:
-2 XP home edition computers Directly Connected by means of a verified
"cross-over cable"
    -machine 1 (parent)-has a cable modem connection, via a secondary NIC.It
    also has a NIC with the crossover cable direct to machine 2. And has an
    that I assigned of:

    -machine 2 (client):has 1 NIC with the crossover cable connected to the
    host. It's IP was also manually assigned as:

Under "this connection uses the following items" under General on the
Network properties, I have the following:
-Client for Microsoft Networks
-QoS packet Scheduler
-File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks
-Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)

The Scenario:
Both computers say that they are connected to a network. Both are sending
out packets. But neither have recieved a single packet. The NIC's are
verified as working. THe crossover cable is also verified as working.
Both computers can see themselves, but not each other, Both computers say
they are in the same workgroup.
Neither computer can see the others shared files, but they obviously can see
their own.
I tried setting the other computers IP to be the same as machine1's
( and when I did it said there was a conflict in addresses on
the parent machine. Does this mean they are connected together?

I have several questions:
- Under "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" properties for the Hosts NIC should the
NETBios be Disbled??? And should LMHosts be enabled???

-Because they are connected via a crossover cable, is it necessary to set a
"Default Gateway"? If so, do I set it as  machine1 on machine2's TCP/IP

- Do i need to manually set up any settings to allow the two computers to
see each other??? It's as if they don't know the other is there but are
connected together!

Oh yeah and my ICS isn't working yet either, but I'm just taking it one step
at a time. I just want the two computers to be NETWORKED! Is it possible or
does XP need ICS for some reason.

Thanks again guys!!!

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