Fw: Fw: Netscape 2.x+: Text only mode?

Fw: Fw: Netscape 2.x+: Text only mode?

Post by Richard C Brack » Sat, 28 Sep 1996 04:00:00

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You are asking a graphical browser to ignore the exact feature that it was
designed to handle.  You can increase your speed by selecting the feature to
load images after loading in options|general preferences|images.  There is no
option to completely turn off images.

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Thank you for using Netscape Technical Support.

Reed Cranmore

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> For any Netscape 2.x and higher:

> How does one set the browser so it ignores images being loaded?
> I know Prodigy (or AOL) have browsers that have a text only mode, where
> web pages are loaded with text only (no images)
> This would save a lot of download time, if a person wants to skip the

> Any suggestions would be helpful.

> (for I check my e-mail much more frequently than I read usenet)
> Thanks!

> Bob K


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My problem (the one I'm willing to talk about, anyway) is this:  

I've got Word 6.0 loaded on two (almost identical) machines. I did the
installations myself and no one else ever uses these machines.  

When I select text with my mouse and then hit the delete key on one machine,
the text goes away just like it should.  When I do the same thing on my other
machine, nothing at all happens.  The delete key performs all other delete
functions for Word on this machine , as well any other software that I have.  
It just will not delete selected text.

Is there a switch somewhere that dictates whether the delete key can delete
selected text?  I can use shortcut keys that involve the delete key and they
work fine (such as ctrl-del to delete the whole word to the right of the

For some unknown reason, I tend to use the delete key a lot!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  

Thanks for your time


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