cricheditview printing?

cricheditview printing?

Post by áé?÷??(Jong Chang H » Thu, 13 Feb 1997 04:00:00

i use AppWizard and use  CRichEditView for base View class
when i use PrintPreview or Print,the Fonts are too big.
How can i do?

Sincerely Yours
                Jong Chang Han at Taiwan


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I'm looking after a good book witch explain how Printing CRichEditView and

I have readed, of course, the documentation into the Help, but I don't feel
exactly how to do for printing with marges and print's font.

My problem is :
I have a SDI application with a CSplitterWindow, with one graphic pane, and
a CRichEditView pane. I have also a dialog with CRichEditCtrl.

I want to print the two views, and also the content of the CRichEditCtrl.

So, I have a pointer to the CRichEditView, p_rView, and I want to make
p_rView->PrintPage(pDC, ???,???);

I have tryed
The result, is printing one page with very little caracters on paper, and
very large caracters on Printpreview's View.

I have also tryed to call the OnPrint, but with bugs.

And Its two weeks I turn around this problem.
I don't want to call the MS Support, because I never recieved satisfying
answers, and I don't want to spend money for nothing.

If anybody can managed me to a good direction, It should be great!!
I have buy some books:
Programming Window's 95 with MFC-Jeff Prosise,
Inside Visual C++ -D.Krunglinsky,
and others no very interesant book

(I 'm beginner on VC++ , 7 month ago)- So, I swimming.

Thanks for answer

Daniel Bagno

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