Audio Player Problem

Audio Player Problem

Post by Chas Stewa » Thu, 27 Feb 1997 04:00:00

I would like to use the SoundRec.Exe and MPlayer.exe wav and midi players with
my Win 95 Netscape Navigator.  However, no matter what I do to try to launch
with midi and wav downloads, I still keep getting this pop-up dinky player that
allow me to save these types of files.  Also, I see that when I put these players in
the "helpers" listing, they will not stay--just disappear.

What do I need to do in order to get Navigator set up the way I want--and have
it set up permanently (or until I desire to change it).

Any knowledgeable help would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.



1. E-105 Audio Player problems

Besides not being able to play mp3s that I have converted, I have found
that when the audio player is in the task list, the function buttons
behave randomly. Most notably, the Rocket button almost never works is
the Audio player is running.

I heard that the E100 came with an MP3 player, does my E-105 have one
too? If so, which CD is it on?

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