Can I make a Dialog bar a CPropertySheet instead of a single dialog?

Can I make a Dialog bar a CPropertySheet instead of a single dialog?

Post by John Vann » Sun, 24 Aug 1997 04:00:00

I want to make something similar to the Windows 95 find files dialog.
Splitter window, 2 rows, 1 column.  Bottom pane is CListView.  Top
pane is a CPropertySheet dialog bar.  If someone has an example of
this, I sure would appreciate it.  



1. using derived Dialog class with Dialog Bar

I am trying to use a dialog in dialog bar. The dialog is associated
with a class derived from CDialog using the classwizard. The dialog
bar    gets docked and the dialog appears in it but my CDialog derived
class never gets instantiated( the constructor and OnInitDialog function
of the derived class never get called ). I have derived classes from
CDialog before but right now, i have no clue what is going on. Does
anyone know what might be the problem. Please let me know.



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