Weird WINS error

Weird WINS error

Post by Jimi » Sun, 17 Sep 2000 04:00:00

This error appears in my system event log:

EventID 4202
An attempt to connect to the remote WINS server with address returned with
an error. Check  to see that the remote WINS server is running and
and that WINS is  running on that server.

This server is the Secondary WINS server. IP
The primary WINS server is

They are both push pull partners of each other. Both have their own IP
address as primary and no secondary WINS server specified.

There is only one NIC in this server, with only one IP address
assigned to it.

I've checked in WINS manager the only IPs or Servers mentioned are the
apparently the correct ones. We only have the 2 WINS servers, neither
are the PDC or BDC.

They don't seem to repeat with any regularity. The closest repeat was
18hrs the last occupance happened 6 days apart.

Any Ideas?


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