Request info on IIS & Netscape Enterprise

Request info on IIS & Netscape Enterprise

Post by Dennis » Sat, 21 Sep 1996 04:00:00

I'm looking for information on Microsoft's Internet Information Server
2.0 and Netscape's Enterprise Server.  Our IS group is looking to
upgrade their current server software (Netscape Communications Server
on running on NT Server 3.51) to one of the two platforms.
Personally, I think Netscape is the better choice, but IIS may be
easier to implement and work with.  

If you have experience with either of these products, I'd like to hear
both the good and bad sides of the experience.  Some key information
I'd like to have are:
1.) The time it took to install
2.) The time to setup the administration
3.) Any sort of trouble with setup
4.) Problems after setup
5.) Performance
6.) The hardware that is being used
7.) Any sort of CGI implementation you have (i.e. linking to SQL,
8.) Tools used for CGI implementation (i.e. Perl / C / C++ scripts,
dbWeb, IDC, etc.)
9.) What made you decide on the product you use.
10.) How would you rate the product and why? (1-10)

Much Thanks in Advance.

Dennis Au
UCLA OID - Audio Visual Services
Campbell Hall B-103
Los Angeles, CA 90095
(310) 206-9884


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naivete? i received an ad in mail: ACTOR 3.0 for $99.99 until 910401
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REQUEST: please comment as to the worthwhileness of this software and
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