Screen action capturing & controlling

Screen action capturing & controlling

Post by cy.. » Thu, 24 Jul 1997 04:00:00

I need to capture the screen and mouse
movement plus voice.  Later, I will add
annotation to the captured screen and allow
others to playback the captured/modified
screen action and users will be able to
choose the speed of the playback, pause, fast
forward, stop/exit the playback.

Is there a tool available to fulfil my needs?
Lotus Screen Cam?  HyperCAM?  VB programs with source

Any help is appreciated.



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I'm researching authoring systems & ideas for implementing computer-based
training to teach employees how to use my company's proprietary
Windows-based systems.

Obviously, the ability to capture & demonstrate screen action (someone
working through a section of the program) would be ideal. I have heard of
2 programs to do the capturing: Lotus ScreenCam and IBM's Instant Replay.

Does anyone have any information about these 2 programs that might
recommend one over the other? Or suggestions for other/better programs to
accomplish this?

Thanks for any advice.

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