"Target" menu delays before drop-down

"Target" menu delays before drop-down

Post by Jim Eshelma » Fri, 01 Feb 2002 19:41:49

Quote:> When I do a "save as" or "browse" type function in which
> you have the location window with the little box/down
> triangle icon, there is a several second delay before the
> box drops down. Say I am "in" My Documents and want to
> save a file to the Desktop. When I click the little
> box/triangle to change locs, it hesitates for a while,
> then drops so that I can select Desktop (or wherever).
> Thanks for any assistance!

Does this happen in *all* folders? Or only some? Does it, perhaps, only
occur in folders have a very large number of files in them? If so, does the
problem go away if you, say, move half of the files to someplace else?

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