ms voice steup problem

ms voice steup problem

Post by Vanessa Su » Sun, 07 Jul 1996 04:00:00

I have encountered some consistent problem with Microsoft Voice Beta 2
Setup. It displays "Setup Error 914, Object 615 ..." then Object 616.
Does anybody know what this error mean? I actually see the same error
when I try to install a CD included in the book published by Microsoft

Thanks for Your help in advance.



1. MS Voice and wav files problem

I recently installed the MS Speech SDK and have played around with the
MS Voice 3.0 component. I noticed that when MS Voice is on, I can play
midi files but not wav files. I get the error  "[wav] File may be
damaged or may use unrecognized compression format. To resolve this
problem replace file or use Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel  to
install audio compression."  When I exit MS Voice or set it to  *stop
listening* the wav playback comes back to normal.

Can anyone provide more details about this problem?

Also, I installed the entire SDK but I don't see the dictation and
text-to-speech modules. How are they to be launched?


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