Decompress Macintosh CPT and SIT files...

Decompress Macintosh CPT and SIT files...

Post by Tam N » Wed, 28 Dec 1994 10:35:24

Many thanks!


1. Windows Explorer (and file browser) does not like Corel .cpt files

It appears that the Windows XP Explorer does not handle
Corel .cpt files properly.

If you have a .cpt file created by Corel 7 in a
directory, and you try to merely look at that directory
the Windows Explorer will immediately crash and restart.

It does not matter if the directory view
is "details", "list", "thumbnails", whatever. When you
scroll down to the entry containing the .cpt file
Explorer goes away. If the entry is visible immediately
in the directory, then the moment that directory is
accessed Explorer goes away.

I tried to attach a couple of .cpt files to this e-mail
using the "Browse" button, but this blows away Internet
Explorer, too.

The only workaround I have found so far is to go into the
command prompt shell and move the .cpt files to their own
subdirectory, and NEVER look at them with Explorer.

Yes, my XP systems have all the latest updates, and there
are no viruses on them.

--Michael Lampi

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