memory leak

memory leak

Post by jack slat » Sat, 27 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Help!!!  after extended use of any browser in Windows for Workgroups
environment, my system resources drain to 25%- 30%!!!  Ugly.

I run Win95 at home and have gotten the kernel update to fix the
problem there but not at work.

Is there a fix????????

I incur the problem with Netscape and Explorer!

Please Email a copy of you reply post.  Thanks everybody!


"May the wind always be at you back!"


1. iexplorer.exe doesn't release memory - memory leak


I've notised that in the task manager, my iexplorer.exe's
mem usage keep getting larger and larger.

It starts off at about 11-12 mb but everytime I open e new
page, it grows, and will keep on climing to over 100 mb,
and at some point my explorer will start to behave bad.

Why doesn't it release the memery. It's an IE 6.0 Sp1,
runing on win 2000 - everything totally updated.

Thanx in advance

Morten Skov Nielsen

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