System Resources and GDI Resources Dropping

System Resources and GDI Resources Dropping

Post by Mark » Sun, 22 Feb 1998 04:00:00

I keep getting messages from First Aid saying that my system and GDI
resources have dropped below specified levels...(30%).  Does anyone know
what causes this and how I can correct the problem?

I have 32 MB of RAM and I run an Iomega JAZ drive to download programs
from the Internet to save space on my HD.  It is during my Internet use
that I experience these Resource messages.  I'd appreciate any
suggestions anyone might have.  Thanks.



1. crash: system/user resources drop to 0, gdi ok


We are running a winsock client/server(unix) application that uses uper tcp
port 11000. On occasion several of our osr1 and osr2 win95 pc's experience a
unique phenamonon where the resources appear fine one second and in a flash
the system and user drop to 0 (according to resource meter), but gdi stays
ok. We have up'd to winsockII , and still get problem. What do user and
system have in common where both could crash at same time whilst leaving gdi
high and dry? Any ideas welcome!

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