Communicating with Dos app from Windows app?

Communicating with Dos app from Windows app?

Post by Robert Turne » Wed, 15 Feb 1995 01:11:39

Hi all,

I have a Powerbuilder windows application that starts a dos app in the backgroud through
the use of a PIF.  Before exiting from the windows application, I need to send a character
string to the dos app in order to terminate it.  Does anyone know how to accomplish this?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Rob Turner
Computer Sciences Corporation
Brooks AFB
San Antonio, Tx


1. Interface between 16Bit DOS or 32Bit Console App and Win GUI app under Windows NT

I would like to find out if anyone of you out there can give me
suggestions on the following application based on Windows NT and DOS

The application that I have in mind is as follows:

1. A Windows GUI application is running in Windows NT OS.

2. From the Windows application program, it spawns a 16 bit DOS or
Win32 Console process so that the DOS/Console application can be executed.

3. Once the 16 bit DOS or 32 bit Console application is started, there
is a need for some sort of communication taken place with the GUI
application and the dos/console app. The communication can be done by
using a locked shared memory in the NT OS so that both the DOS app and the
Win app can read and write the data in the memory area.

4. At the end of the Win app, the DOS app is required to be closed as

Now the questions are:

1. Is the above application requirement possible to be done
under Windows NT?

2. Is there any functions in MSVC++ that will allow me to start a
DOS/Console application?

3. Is it possible to use shared memory method to communicate between the
16 bit DOS or 32 bit console app and Win GUI app?

Please see if anyone can direct me to the right path to develop such an

The key to this new application is that I would like to use the
Win GUI as a front end for a system control simulator in which the actual
controller software is a 16 bit DOS/32 bit console application.

Please send me an email if anyone of you can help. Thanks in advance.

David Chui

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