Share problems: NT complaints remote computer not available (although it is available)

Share problems: NT complaints remote computer not available (although it is available)

Post by Ching Ta » Wed, 30 Jul 1997 04:00:00


Mystery with my Window NT Workstation (4.0) computer.

I am sharing a directory on the above computer.  There are approx.
13 users who will mount that directory.  I now know Win NT Workstation
has a limit of 10 simultaneous users at a time.  (The 3 late-coming
users won't be able to mount, they get a message stating that "the
maximum users has been reached" which is OK.)

My problem is that every now and then almost everybody who had already
successfully mounted my directory gets the following error message when
trying to access my share:
        "R:\ is not accessible
        The remote computer is not available"

I also mount my share as "R:" (just to be like everyone else), and I have
gotten the above message!

The only fix I know is to reboot my machine, which is disruptive to say the

------ Below are some things that I have tried (and didn't work) -----
1. After getting the above message myself, I do the following
2. net use r: /delete
3. Start->Run... (\\ching\release)
   ( \\Ching is my machine name, \release is the share )
4. net use r: \\ching\release
   (and get the following message box:
        "System error 51 has occurred.
        The remote computer is not available")

Does anybody know what is causing the above problem?  We also have
a Windows NT Server 4.0 running and we have never experienced the
above problem with that machine.

We are using NT Domain and DHCP.  My machine (the problem machine)
is a NT Workstation (client).

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Ching Tai


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I'm experiencing some weird problems w/ our PDC.
Every once in a while, it seems to ignore logon
requests and access to network shares.  In File
Manager, the share will disappear and the above
error message appears.  

If I reboot the server, the problem goes away for
a while.  But then comes back intermittently.
I've tried searching MS' knowledge base to no avail.

This is really annoying...  If you have any suggestions,
pls reply/email...

Thanks in advance,

Son Nguyen

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