TCP/IP not allowing login accross subnets

TCP/IP not allowing login accross subnets

Post by Michael Eric Harme » Fri, 21 Jul 1995 04:00:00

   Well,  We finally got mail to work with mstcp/ip by
upgrading to 3.11b.  However, now we con't get the new version
of tcp/ip to valadate the users password when the user is on a
different subnet.  Is this a bug in 3.11b?  3.11 and 3.11a
never had this problem, but they didn't work with msmail.

If anyone know anyting, please let me know.

                              Thank you for your time.
                                   Michael Harmer


1. Problem: MS WFW32 TCP/IP: ping works, TCP doesn't (across subnets)


I have installed Microsoft TCP/IP for WFW (from,
dated November 29). Everything worked fine until I tried to telnet to
a server in another subnet (there are no problems within the
subnet). It simply times out. BUT I have set up everything (netmask,
gateway etc) properly (i.e., exactly like I had it with Pathway TCP/IP
before installing WFWT32 and it used to work then). AND ping-ing and
tracert-ing to the host in the other subnet both do work!

Does this normally work? Is it a known bug? Any help, please?


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