: NT 3.51 Netware Client and Novell Server Problems.

: NT 3.51 Netware Client and Novell Server Problems.

Post by Phala » Tue, 17 Oct 1995 04:00:00

To all who can reply,

   I was wondering if anyone has seen a problem that I have seen with NT
workstations running Client Services for Netware.  We are running NT
3.51. I think our current Novell version is 3.12 or something like that.  
I'm not a Novell admin or expert.  After I configure my user profile so
that File Manager will reconnect all of the Novell mapped drives to NT
upon logging off the NT station, I find the the Novell server that I'm
getting my mapped drives from still thinks I have a Novell session
running even though I might have logged off, rebooted, or shutdown the NT
stations.  From what I can tell NT appears to have severed the Novell
connections, but the Novell server still thinks that my
connection(s)/login session is till active.  

Is this a problem with the Novell server side or is it a problem with
NT's Netware client?  I've been told that Microsoft is going to release a
newer version of the Netware client piece.  I don't know if it will
address this problem.  I'm also told that the new Client piece will be
available in November and that it has enhancements in it.  I don't know
what these are.  

Does anyone have any info about what I have mentioned above?  Any
information would be greatly appreciated.


Wayne Lee


: NT 3.51 Netware Client and Novell Server Problems.

Post by Don Wo » Wed, 18 Oct 1995 04:00:00

What is happening here is that the NOVELL server never received a
logout command from your NT machine.   If you look in the NT information
that is associated with your Client Services for Netware, you'll find
out that the NetWaer Login and Logout commands aren't supported.  When
you thought that you logged in the first time, all you really did was
a connect and map some drives.  If you do a normal shutdown, all should
be OK.  However, when you lock up and reboot, and then try to go back to
NOVELL, your connection will be rejected.

Normally, the NOVELL watchdog operations should eventually clear your
connection and you'll be able to reconnect.  If these operations have
been eliminated, or if you have a router "spoofing" the NOVELL server
in order to keep network traffic down, then NOVELL will allow your
connection to be maintained until it is manually cleared.

I know that this doesn't fix your problem, but it does explain it.


: NT 3.51 Netware Client and Novell Server Problems.

Post by Paul D. Smi » Sun, 29 Oct 1995 04:00:00

: This is a reported problem and is fixed in the current Service Pack
: (#2). I used to experience the same problem and it has disappeared
: after I installed the service pack.

I there a similar, or other, problem with Netware clients on DOS machines?