passwords in Task Scheduler

passwords in Task Scheduler

Post by gold » Thu, 17 Jul 2003 20:28:37

I am using Task Scheduler to run various things ones in a while.
And, as you know, Task Scheduler askes and keeps passwords with every

Ones in a while Windows reminds me that I have to change my account
password, so I do. After this no task from task scheduler runs because
in task scheduler the passwords are still old. I feel like I am fed up
to change 20 passwords everytime I change my main password.

Is there any way (script or program) which will do this automatically?



1. Task Scheduler requires a password


I'm running WinXP Home edition with a single user setup to log in without
entering a password. When I created a scheduled task, I get a error message
that a password is required to run the task A knowledge base search brought
up articles that indicate that this is by design, that the local user that
the task is run under is required to have a password.

I'm looking for a work around: I want to be able to let the computer boot
right into the desktop without selecting a user or entering a password. Is
there a system account that I can set to run the task under?


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