Need source code from simple web-server for project for school

Need source code from simple web-server for project for school

Post by Kristof Goethal » Mon, 19 Feb 2001 21:31:36


I need to build a simple web-server for school. It does not need to
understand scripting. Only html requests.
If oyu have source code or you have a link please mail me.
So if you can help me please e-mail me at school -->

Thank you.


1. What is the source code for streaming Windows .wmv files from my web server.

I have recently added Real Player streaming video on my
website. I know how to do the source code for streaming
Real Player files, extension .rm

What I would like to know is,,, when i load up my windows
files extension .wmv files on my server,,,,,what is the
source code that i need to use in order to play those .wmv
files in streaming video.

What is the metafile extension that i need to add to my

Example when i use Real Player streaaming files the
metafile extension is .ram   what is the metafile
extension for streaming windows media player

Can anyone help me with this,,, thanks for any help


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