Allow a user to change the screen resolution under 3.51 without admin priv.

Allow a user to change the screen resolution under 3.51 without admin priv.

Post by Glenn Hogga » Fri, 05 Sep 1997 04:00:00

Can anyone tell me if there is some way you can allow a user to
change the screen resolution without granting them Administrator rights
under NT 3.51 ?

Thanks in advance,
Glenn Hoggan.


1. local admin priv for non-admin domain users

I need to give non-priv'ed domain users admin priv for their local NT
workstation.  For example, when a person with user level domain priv logs
in against our domain they can't change the time on their workstation.  I
need them to control their local machine without compromising domain

On a related, what exactly is the difference between logging in against the
SAM on their workstation and accessing network resources and logging in
against the domain SAM and accessing the same resources?

Thanks in advance.


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