Any one out there REALLY know the ins and outs of NT?

Any one out there REALLY know the ins and outs of NT?

Post by Ben M. Skelt » Wed, 25 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Here is an interesting problem for someone.

        When I got NT version 3.51 I found out that one of the features
was to change the Graphical Identification and Authentication DLL (GINA)
Which is the main login screen. This is so you can modify it to accept
security access cards, etc. I have called microsoft several times to
figure out the exact software needed, but no-one has ever gotten back to
me on how to do it. I got the upgrade for my resource kit today and
cracked it open to see if it has any software to do it. When the Resource
kit says is that "A sample GINA.DLL and online documentation are available
in the Windows NT Software Development Kit (SDK)". Now, is there any way
to get the kit without subscribing to the developers network, and if the
information is free to distribute can someone send them to me (don't know
about copyright on portions of SDK help files). Is there any way to
download the SDK over the net or buy it seperately?

        Thanks for your time...

                You can post response here or perferably by e-mail.

                        Ben M. Skelton


1. Help with the ins and outs of Dial up networking

Ok, here is the schmeil,

I need to make a wireless link between a computer and a modem. I know I
can buy a wireless unit to do this but they cost around 800 bucks. I
have found some nice wireless transceivers for 80 bucks (in quantity)
that can handle 115K data rates.

However, there are no data lines available except Tx and Rx when you do
this. So i am going to packetize my data and send the state of the RTS,
DTR, CTS, and CD signals and represent them on the opposite side. This
is fine. But I need a real understanding of how dial up networking
functions. Here are some of the trials I did:

I tried dial up networking with a Proxim unit, (895 dollars) and
everything worked great, they transfer all the data pins that seems to
be needed.

I tried using a more basic transceiver with just Tx and Rx, and used
Xon/Xoff mode. Dial up networking (DUN) did not work. I changed the
handshaking to "None" DUN still did not work.

So Proxim is transmitting data that dial up networking needs. So my big
question is: Exactly what signals does DUN need and in what order? It
seems pretty clear to me that CD is required, but I would like some

Next question: does DUN require full duplex or can it be (or is it
simply) half duplex?

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