Program Size On Desktop At Opening

Program Size On Desktop At Opening

Post by Scott Hal » Wed, 26 Dec 2001 09:58:46

 Seems whenever I open a program in Windows its' size is hit or miss.
I will either get a maximumized screen or a smaller version. Also have
trouble with frame sizes in programs like Agent newsreader. Would like
to know if there is a way to control these parameters. Thanks. Scott.>

1. Can't retain size and position of opened desktop folders

Hello --

I'm using WinXP Home and have a problem with being unable
to retain size and position settings for open desktop
folders. Each time I open a desktop folder, I set the size
and position as I want it, but the next time I open it, it
opens with what appears to be a random size and position on
the desktop.

Under Tools - Folder Options - General, I have set Windows
classic, open each folder in its own window, double-click
to open; in the view tab I have set Apply to All Folders
and checked Remember Each Folder's View Settings.

Under View - Arrange Icons by, I have NOT checked Show in
Groups, Auto Arrange, Align to Grid. I have further
customized by applying a unique icon for each folder.
Windows "remembers" the icon and the position of the closed
folder on the desktop, as well as the selected view of the
contents (tiles, icons, list, etc.). But it does NOT
"remember" the position of the contents of the folder nor
the position of the open folder window.

In an attempt to fix this problem, following a procedure
published in the TweakXP web site, I deleted all the
sub-keys in the following two registry locations:
and HKCU\ . . .\ShellNoRoam\Bags.

The theory behind this fix is that after deleting these
settings then opening and repositioning the folders as
desired, the registry settings will again be set correctly
and all's well with the world.

Well, that's the theory, but after deleting the sub-keys in
question and resetting the folders as I want them, upon
reopening them, they return to some default setting. This
happens no matter how many times I delete the registry subkeys.

By the way, deleting the sub keys did not cause the
problem, since the problem existed before applying this
"fix." In fact, this "fix" has no effect on the behavior.

Any insights into how to fix this annoying problem would be
deeply appreciated.

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