Cool, Fun, High-Quality C++ Job in Manhattan

Cool, Fun, High-Quality C++ Job in Manhattan

Post by posit.. » Fri, 17 Jan 1997 04:00:00

Win32, C++, MFC, Object-Oriented Database, Multimedia

Talented, motivated, energetic programmer needed to assist in
developing a new multimedia connectivity application.

The position requires someone with a passion for quality in software
design and implementation, and a strong sense of the state of existing
applications, technologies and tools.

This will be an exciting position, and a great application to work on.

Educational credentials in Computer Science are NOT necessary, but
competence is.

The tools to be used will include the following:

    Visual C++
    Microsoft Foundation Classes
    Objective Toolkit MFC Extensions
    LeadTools Imaging Toolkit
    ObjectStore ODBMS
    Visual Basic

Compensation and benefits will match expertise and accomplishment.

If you are the right person, please reply via email to


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