Command Line version of NT WINDISK?

Command Line version of NT WINDISK?

Post by Mike Dail » Thu, 18 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Unless I've really overlooked the obvious, I couldn't find this in
the NT 3.51 resource kit.  Is there a shareware version of a command line
Windows NT Disk Manager (e.g. WINDISK.EXE)?   I have an application which
currently requires human intervention to run WINDISK.EXE as a GUI app, but
would like to automate it without using a GUI SQA package.

Thanks in advance,

        Mike Dailey
        SeaChange Systems, Inc.
        Greenville, NH


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Finally the beast has been found and killed.
The problem was this:

I did this in PretranslateMessage                                                       nChar=VK_ESCAPE                                                                 pMsg->wParam=MAKEWPARAM(nChar,nhChar);                                       //AfxMessageBox(_T("Posting
quit message");                                    PostMessage(pMsg->message,pMsg->wParam,pMsg->lParam);

Replacing it with this solved the
problem:                                                PostMessage(WM_KEYDOWN,VK_ESCAPE,0);

strange but true.

Thanks to everybody who has replied to my posting.


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