WFW Could not able to get IP Address from Netware DHCP Server, But Win95 does

WFW Could not able to get IP Address from Netware DHCP Server, But Win95 does

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Hello Everybody,

I am Muthuvelu from Madras - India, working as a
Network administrator (Both Netware and flavours
of UNIX). Recently i have installed NetWare DHCP
server in our NetWare server running 3.12. What
happens is when i try to connect thro my Lan Work-
Group client, it's going very well. ie. My client
could able catch it's IP address from the DHCP server.
Same thing, I tried using Windows 95 with DHCP enabled.
That's also working perfectly. I could able to run all
TCP/IP based utils.

Now let me tell u the problem. When I tried the same
thing using Windows for Workgroups Ver 3.11 it's not
going thro. I have downloaded the TCP32.ZIP file
( ie. MICROSOFT TCP/IP for WFWG ver 3.11a) from Microsoft,
installed every thing and configured for DHCP operation.
When I load WFW, after the WFW logo, the system waits for a
while (say 30 seconds) and issued a error message like this,

Error msg:


DHCP client unable to get the IP address from the DHCP
server. Do you want to see this message in future? <Y/N>

I have checked for the presense of all files and checked
all entries in system.ini, protocol.ini, and net.cfg.
Every thing seems to be fine. I don't know what to do
further. If anybody come-across a situation like this,
and get solved, pls mail me about how to solve this
problem. It will solve many of my headaches.I will be
very much thankful to all of peoble who helps me.

I don't have very frequent access to the newsgroups,
so pls kindly send me the solutions via E-mail.

Thanks in advance,


With Regards,



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client's ethernet.  I'm totally baffled and can't find anything in the
newsgroups and microsoft's site (not that I can get to it anyways with IE


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