win 95 not finding fonts in fonts folder / desktop fonts bad

win 95 not finding fonts in fonts folder / desktop fonts bad

Post by nic.. » Tue, 06 Feb 2001 23:38:44

Can anyone help??

My (well, my parent's) desktop is not displaying
properly and ms office applications are not
finding fonts. (There may well be other things
wrong but I don't have hands-on access to the
computer at the moment.

More details...

Fonts folder exists and is full of fonts (well
over 100) - including the tahoma ones.

Word does not start up properly - it says it
could not find the tahoma font. The list of
available fonts is extreemly limited - about 5 of

The desktop does not appear properly - the fonts
are wrong (big and chunky). Other things display
wrongly, with numbers instead of arrows in
dropdown lists for example.

Environment: Windows 95.


This has happened since attempting to install a
parallel compact flash card reader. This failed.
After uninstalling it the desktop was displaying
as above. Prior to attempting the install I did
an image backup of the C drive (using ghost)
which I then recovered. Everything seemed OK when
I checked it yesterday but not today.

I also installed a SCSI card and SCSI CD writer
(an old external Yamaha one), but there did not
appear to be any problems following that, but it
does muddy the water a bit.
Unfortunately this is my parent's computer and
I'm now 150 miles away and attempting to help
them over the phone, which makes it even more
tricky to sort out.

One thing I did not test before leaving was re-
booting without the newly installed cd writer
switched on. That's the only thing that seems to
be different about how my father started it up
this morning. (I also defragged all the drives
before leaving.)

Searching for similar posts and on the MS site
I've only managed to find references to fonts
being missing or corrupt. In this case it appears
that windows 95 is not looking in the fonts
directory (c:\windows\fonts) at all.

I'd be grateful if anyone has any suggestions
(even if it only to suggest a more suitable

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