MFC Classes in San Jose area

MFC Classes in San Jose area

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Pantheon Systems, Inc. is offering three courses in May 1996 in the
Silicon Valley area as part of its Object Technology Seminar Series:

1.  Programming in C++                                   May  8-10,
2.  Microsoft Foundation Classes with Visual C++         May 20-23,
3.  Foundations of Object-Oriented Design                May 29-31,

The courses will be held at the:  Marriot Residence Inn
                                  1080 Stewart Drive
                                  Sunnyvale, CA 94086.
                                  Phone: (408) 720-8893

Visit our web page at

To register or to receive more information, please contact
Pantheon at our San Jose location or our headquarters
in Beaverton, Oregon.

  In San Jose                         In Beaverton
  -----------                         -----------
  Phone:  (408) 435-8357              Phone:  (503) 646-6578
  Fax:    (408) 432-9892              Fax:    (503) 646-6690

  USMail: 2362-F Qume Drive           USMail: 4800 SW Griffith Drive
          San Jose, CA 95131-1841             Beaverton, OR 97005-8721

Course Overviews:
1.  Programming in C++
     - A Practical Introduction to the C++ Language
    The course is aimed at system designers, programmer analysts and
    software engineers seeking to gain a good foundation in C++.  It
    allows attendees to understand the basics of C++,  with a strong
    emphasis on the underlying ideas and concepts.  It provides them
    the ability to read C++ code,  the ability to employ C++
    correctly and in appropriate situations, and sensitizes them to
    power as well as the pitfalls of the language.  Each lecture is
    immediately reinforced by a lab with sample solutions provided.

2.  Microsoft Foundation Classes with Visual C++
    - Practical Windows(TM) Programming in C++
   The course is suitable for anyone seeking to gain a strong
   understanding of how to use the Microsoft Foundation Classes (4.0)
   under Visual C++ 4.0.  A basic knowledge of C++ is assumed.

   The course provides an excellent introduction to the essentials of
   the foundation class library, supplemented by an intensive set
   of hands-on exercises.  By the end of the seminar the student
   will be able to write applications using MFC.

   Topics covered include application creation tools - the Developer
   Studio, AppWizard, ClassWizard and the resource editors.
   The class libraries are covered in detail, and the student will
   get an architectural background on how to build applications using
   the MFC classes, including the Document-View architecture, SDI
   and MDI classes, menus, dialogs and toolbars, and the GDI classes.

   Course includes in-depth coverage of the message/command
   architecture, relationship between MFC and the old SDK,
   programming and debugging techniques and an overview of MFC View

   The course materials include an MFC textbook,  in addition to the
   course notes,  including copies of the overheads side-notes,
   lab solutions and a bibliography.

3.  Foundations of Object-Oriented Design
      - Methodology for OO Analysis and Design
    This language-independent course provides a practical and proven
    analysis and design methodology for developing object-oriented
    software.  Newly revised and updated,  the course presents an
    adaptation of the Fusion(TM) methodology,  which is extended from
    several first generation OO methodologies,  including OMT, Booch,
    CRC and Jacobson's use case technique.

    The course is suitable for a wide range of software personnel,
    including programmer analysts,  software engineers,  project
    and marketing managers,  quality assurance engineers and
    documentation staff.  Familiarity with traditional analysis and
    design techniques is helpful but not essential.

    Attendees will gain a first-hand experience of taking a problem
    from the requirements analysis to design completion.  The course
    comprises around 40% hands-on time,  and includes several short
    culminating in a full-length exercise addressing a comprehensive

    Programming in C++                             $1095.00
    Microsoft Foundation Classes with Visual C++   $1495.00
    Foundations of Object-Oriented Design          $1095.00

(Fees include daily Continental breakfast at the Marriott Residence
(Group discounts and multi-course discounts are available for all

Pantheon will provide course notebooks for each course.  The notebooks
include copies of the slides used in the lectures,  accompanied by
detailed notes pertaining to the slide contents.  For all language
Pantheon also provides copies of the sample solutions on disk.

About Pantheon Systems:
Pantheon Systems, Inc. was founded in 1991 with a mission to help
organizations achieve the promise of object technology.   Delivering
a full-range of consulting and education in object technology,  
has a comprehensive curriculum of courses to cater to a wide variety
of needs.  Pantheon offers on-site, open-enrollment, and
courses to suit your specific requirements. Pantheon's consulting

include technology-evaluation, analysis & design, implementation,
test and enhancement.

Organizations which have utilized Pantheon's services include:

   Hewlett-Packard                  Mentor Graphics
   DEC                              Logic Modeling/Synopsys
   Intel                            IBM
   Central Point/Symantec           Tektronix
   Intersolv                        IMS
   Freightliner                     CFI ProServices
   Bell South                       Unisys
   Storage Technology               Tactica Corporation
   Motorola                         Alcatel
   Wyatt Software Services          Sequent Computer Systems
   Rogue Wave Software              Radisys
   Pacific Telecom                  Northwest Natural Gas


1. Job Offers, SW/GUI, WIN32, MPEG, San Jose Area

Our company is currently staffing two projects involving MPEG video.

One project is an MPEG2 Encoding System, the second is an MPEG1 Network
Video Delivery System.  We are looking for two senior WIN32 GUI designers/
programmers.  Previous MPEG or digital video experience would be a plus,
as well as any of the following:

        - UNIX/X11 GUI
        - MS-DOS TCP/IP programming (WATTCP etc.)
        - UNIX TCP/IP programming
        - DOS device drivers
        - MPEG decoding
        - UNIX device drivers
        - SCSI device drivers
        - Linux kernel development
        - multi-lingual output (Chinese, Japanese, Korean)
        - TI DSP
        - make, rcs/cvs, html

Interested persons should be available to work immediately
in Sunnyvale, CA (Silicon Valley) and legally in the US.  Full-time,
exempt candidates will receive health care benefits, and possible
relocation expenses.  Saying DVS is an equal opportunity employer would
be an understatement.

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