Office Server Extensions

Office Server Extensions

Post by Chaz » Thu, 20 Sep 2001 11:10:22

Has anybody compiled them for apache 1.3.20? I dont have a second box at
home yet to run freebsd on... being a studend (and poor) sux :(

Regards, Chris.


1. Office Server Extensions on W2K Server and XP Pro

I'm running Windows XP Pro with IIS activated and Frontpage 2002 Server
Extensions installed.  All is working. (latest SP's)

I'm running Office 2000 (latest SP's).

I recently tried to publish an XL pivot table to my local web (IIS as per
above), but when I go to that page with the browser I get a page with the
title and two little grey spots.

I suspect that I need to install the Office 2000 Server Extensions, but when
I do that, I get errors which imply that XP's IIS is not compatible with
Office 2000 Server Extensions.

What have I done wrong and/or what are my options.

Also, should I be able to install these Office Server Extensions onto a
Windows 2000 Server (latest SPs, fully updated, and FP2002 server


ps....this note has also been posted to the Office.Misc group..

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