Any advice/software to implement html for EMWAC WAIS queries?

Any advice/software to implement html for EMWAC WAIS queries?

Post by Victor Oppenheime » Sun, 24 Mar 1996 04:00:00

I have created a WAIS index for my website and would like to
create a web page to perform local index searches using the WAIS
toolkit.  I have installed the latest EMWAC WAIS Tollkit (version
0.73).  I am using the MS IIS to serve my web pages.

If anyone knows of other software packages for the NT environment
that would ease the job of local directory tree file indexing and
web-based searching and retrievals, please provide the relevant

If possible send me email as I do not read this newsgroup

Thanks for any help.

  -- Victor

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We are developing an Internet site on NT 3.5 and we have
some questions about the Emwac's Wais Toolkit (version 0.72):

1. How to index only part of a text file?
We tried to define the piece of text we want to index as the title (using
either the -t first_line and the -t html waisindex options) and then use the  
-nocontents option. The problem is that the program don't accept all the piece
of text we want as the title (It cuts it). So, what can we do?  

2. How to alter the max default number (40) of documents returned by the
waislook program?

3. Does anybody understand how the waislook program scores the documents
returned? We really need to know more than the manual explains.

4. Does anybody know how to handle substrings searches?

5. Does anybody know how to handle searches using only the boolean operator
'not' and a single word? The waislook program returns no matches for this.

Anyone with answers or comments, please send us a reply.

Fernando, Claudia and Geraldo
Spectrum Engenharia

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