C++ Productivity Booster

C++ Productivity Booster

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Monday, June 23, 1997

Quintessoft Engineering is pleased to announce CODE NAVIGATOR FOR C++
v.1.1, a
new editor, browser, and code generator for Windows 95 or NT.  Free trial
version available by ftp or postal mail.


Code Navigator speeds software development via VISUAL EDITING of code
attributes, drag and drop code creation, and built-in and custom automated
software DESIGN PATTERNS.  Code Navigator improves large-scale C++ software
system documentation with CUSTOM REPORTS and multiple views of its shared
repository.  The repository maintains a detailed language-specific history
of changes to the code with nonlinear undo.  New Version 1.1 introduces the
ability to REVERSE ENGINEER changes to generated code made either inside
Code Navigator or with your other editing and development tools.

***Please take the INTRODUCTORY TOUR found on our web site at:
http://www.quintessoft.com.   Includes screen shots!  ***


When you're creating new code, use Code Navigator's rapid mechanisms for
building classes and methods via drag and drop, visual attribute editing,
and automated code patterns.  In a few minutes you can create dozens of
classes and establish relationships and methods, all the time working with
a model tailored to the C++ language.

When you've built a skeleton system and are implementing the details, use
Code Navigator's built-in traditional text editor that will parse and
reformat your code with a button press.  Edit a single function, for
example, without wading through an entire file to find it, or even
remembering what file it's in.

When you reach the maintenance phase, see a history of changes made to any
item in C++-specific terms.  At all times traverse your code with multiple
Explorer-like views that do not require a file-centric picture of the C++


Code Navigator is built upon new technology for automating object-oriented
software design and analysis patterns.  The C++ Metacode Framework is a
library of C++ metaclasses at the core of the product and completely open
for use and extension by the user.  This library allows users to build
custom code patterns and reports.  These custom user extensions are
written in C++ itself and are dynamically linked into the product to
function just like any of the built-in reports or patterns.  Code patterns
are applied to elements of code with a simple drag and drop interface.  
Going beyond advanced templates with extra preprocessing, Code
Navigator for C++ code patterns can adaptively augment existing code.

*** A detailed look into patterns use in Code Navigator can also be found
on our web site.  Look for "white paper on patterns use" ....
http://www.quintessoft.com ***


Quintessoft Engineering, Inc. was founded in 1995 to develop and market
sophisticated products for object-oriented software engineers.  The company
is working toward a family of products centered on its technology for
automated software analysis and design patterns.  


Code Navigator currently has an introductory price of $425.
*** Discounts and monthly specials are listed in detail on our web site.
See purchasing.  http://www.quintessoft.com ***


Windows 95 or NT 4.0, 8MB RAM, 5MB Disk Space, 800x600 Display, 2-Button

GIVE US A TRY -- A FULLY FUNCTIONAL trial version is available for FREE!
*** See REGISTRATION on our web site ... http://www.quintessoft.com ***

Call:  (313) 669-0192          
Preview:  http://www.quintessoft.com

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3135 South State Street, Suite 108
Ann Arbor, MI  48108