Win98 SE and McAfee Virus Scan trouble

Win98 SE and McAfee Virus Scan trouble

Post by Timothy McKnigh » Fri, 12 May 2000 04:00:00

I have Win 98 SE running on a pc and when I install Virus Scan on that
system, the system hangs on boot up and all I get is theWindows 98 Start
up screen when it hangs.  Is there any fix out there?

1. mcafee virus scan won't scan floppies in xp

Since I installed XP, McAfee VirusScan won't scan
floppies except in Safe Mode.  I have tried reinstalling,
done a clean boot, opened it different ways, tried
different floppies, always with the same result:  The
drive spins, stops, spins, stops for as long as I care to
watch it, and nothing shows up in the progress bar.  When
I get bored and hit the stop button, I get prompted to
send an error msg to Microsoft and VS closes.  Network
Associates and Microsoft techs are so far baffled.  Any

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