Wingate 3.0 client for NT

Wingate 3.0 client for NT

Post by Tom O'Brio » Thu, 25 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Was wondering if anyone has loaded the NT client for Wingate 3.0?  I am
having a issue with the "Alersrv" chewing up my box.
I would like to use the client as it takes alot of configuration out of your
desktop.  But with it eating up my 266 MMX w/198Meg of RAM I think I will
stick with configuring all my apps.



1. WinGate 3.0 error - ISP access denied for client

I installed server and client after the procedure described in the manual.
Wingate pings OK.I can see the server in the WG Internet Client (Control
But i keep on getting the error message no. 691: "Error connecting
to (ISP name). Access denied because username and/or password is invalid."
Everything works OK when i switch on to my old modem connection.
What's wrong?
We purchased the newest version of iShare software package prior to trying
WG, but it showed to be completely incompatible with Outlook 97, hanging the
mapisp32.exe. I hope I will manage to get WinGate to work on our company
network now. I will appreciate any help.

Version: WinGate 3.0 Standard
Platform: Windows 95
Server: DNS disabled
Client: DNS enabled
Host - Client name
DNS Search order- ISP IP
No gateway, No WINS, IP auto

Best regards
Misha Sakharov,
Field Applications Engineer
OptoTel AS

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