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I was really impressed when I started to learn more about vrml and the web.
WebFX doese a great job with ras images created in Paint Shop pro.
Has any one seen vreem yet. Even Better.

there is a little animation in the vrml link here:


1. Html action and browser action

Hi, I am a new comer of this discussion forums.
The problem that I met is , when a browser inter
-prets the HTML file and show it on the view area.
There are some objects that we can click on it.
Such as a hyperlink, or a submit button. My ques
-tion is how the browser detects that the user
click on the hyperlinks or buttons. And do the
right jobs for such situations. If I want to cap
-ture the action. What should I do?
Thank you very much for your suggesion!

                                        Alan Chang

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