Remote access authentication NT3.51 > Win95: 'access denied'

Remote access authentication NT3.51 > Win95: 'access denied'

Post by Christopher Spr » Fri, 26 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I am using NT 3.15 build 1057 SP3 on a PC and find that I can not connect using
'Remote Access' over a modem connection to my PC running 'Windows95'. The error
message is:

'Error 691. Access denied because username and/or password is invalid on the domain.
Press F1 for more information. F1: 691. Type your user name, password and domain ...
I try again with the same result: 'access denied'.'

However I have identical accounts on both computers and the domains are identical so
what is wrong? I could connect successfully before I installed SP3 over SP2, so is
there be a bug in SP3 or am I overlooking something (simple)? Any help would be

Christopher Spry


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Any answers or experiences appreciated.

First what is a 'Domain' to microsoft?

I've got an nt3.51 server hanging off a hub on our tcp/ip network.
I want it so 50 Win95 clients can logon to it (eventually!).

When I go to newtork settings and try to change from workgroup to
domain, I can't get anywhere. I've tried our Unix domain, but it
says 'domain controller for this domain cannot be located' -
which it tells me on everything...   This is the ONLY NT
machine on the unix network (and probably ever will be if
all these problems keep up).    Can someone clarify this?
Do we have to define a brand new domain for NT?

Anyone have experience with 95 logging onto this server?
It shows up if I do a computer search from the 95 client, and
the printer queue shows up, too (but it doesn't work either).

Good grief, manybe I should just connect up my old Novell 3.11 network.

Any advice will be listened to intently.


Jennis Pruett
PC Lab Coordinator
CS Dept, CSU

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