Random Windows Protection Error #13

Random Windows Protection Error #13

Post by Marcel Co » Wed, 11 Sep 1996 04:00:00

I am using Windows v3.11 (not for Workgroups) and have an Internet
connection using Novell's LAN Workplace drivers for Windows.

My problem is, fairly regularly (several times a day) - usually when I
am loading Netscape (various versions - not one in particular) Windows
completely bombs out to DOS as follows:

Windows Protection Error #13

You may need to restart your computer.


At this point, I do a cold boot with the reset switch, and proceed to
fix some cross-linked files with Norton Disk Doctor which were created
when Windows bombed out.

Can anyone give me any clues as to what is causing Windows to bomb-out
like this?  I have tried a fresh installation of Windows etc, but the
problem continues.  A lot of the time I can use Netscape quite happily
without it bombing out.

Any ideas please?



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I have a problem with Windows 3.1 and Netscape.  Almost everytime I
run Netscape 2.02, my computer crashes.  It happens in one of three
1) The computer stops for a few seconds, then throws me out into DOS.
In DOS I get the message:
Windows protection error #13 (sometimes #14).
You may need to restart your computer.

2) Page Fault in module LMOUSE.COM (it is usually here).  When I OK
this message, it keeps on giving me Page Fault and GPF messages for
all the open programs. and then either locks up or kicks me out of

3) GPF in Netscape.exe and kicks me out of Netscape.

I must point out that this happens almost exclusively with Netscape.
I have tried changing my QEMM config, adding or removing memory
compression, reinstalling Netscape.  What really bugs me is that I
don't even know what Windows protection error #14 (or #13) is!

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