Problem with activesync

Problem with activesync

Post by Mozze » Sat, 07 Sep 2002 04:36:14

I have just installed activesync 3.5 after being given a  Compaq Series
2930A palmtop pc, running Windows CE 3. I have no problems synchronising my
palmtop with my pc. All of my outlook files selected synchronise correctly.
I can install software to my palmtop using my pc. The only problem is that I
can't explore my palmtop from my pc. I know that this should work with this
model palmtop and Activesync 3.5; I have seen it work with a colleague's
machine. Could this be a windows me problem? Or is it something else? The
error message I get when trying to explore is 'Critical communications
services have failed to start. To correct this error, exit all applications
and restart windows. If the problem persists, please reinstall Microsoft
Activesync by running Set-up from the installation disk(s)'.
I have tried all of these but without success. Can anybody help please?


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I use a Compaq 3870 PDA on my Dell lattitude 600 XP laptop which syncs perfectly well using the latest Activesync 3.7.1 however after usually a week's use the message

"Application 0xc0000142 failed to initialise properly"

I then have to manually remove Activesync from the program list and then re-install Activesync from the MSN website which is a real pain every week, especially as I use my Compaq as my work diary!!

Any ideas??

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