Printcap entries to print to TCP/IP Print Server in NT4

Printcap entries to print to TCP/IP Print Server in NT4

Post by Terry Fige » Fri, 10 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I was wondering if anyone had a printcap entry for a unix system, that
would pass postscript files through?

I am specifically interested in a DEC Alpha, but I could benefit from
seeing any.

Currently, I have a printer on a NT box, that is running TCP/IP print
From the Unix boxes, text files print fine, but Postscript messes up
(simply prints the text).  The Microsoft help page mentions this, and
says you need to modify the printcap entry, but give no examples.




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We are using TCP/IP printing within Windows XP Pro to a
Linksys EPSX3 print server and an HP Laserjet 2200
printer. I've installed the most up to date HP drivers and
contacted HP about this issue. They indicate that it is
not an issue with the driver as the same problem would
appear with another driver. When print jobs are sent to
the printer, they print correctly, but the printer retains
a "Sent to printer...." entry for each job. Printer driver
setup has this option of "saving" print jobs unselected.
I've set, cleared etc this setting with no change. Has
anyone seen this same behavior? Is it the spooler or some
other setting that I'm unaware of? Any clues or similar
experience would be helpful.

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