Post by Pat » Thu, 06 Mar 2003 16:13:17

this error code has gotten me to not be able to update my
windows. it keeps crashing after trying to detect my
windows config. I tried manually installing the 3 bog
patches for my win2k. It still does the same. Any help
would be appreciated.

1. Error Code: 0x800703e6

Whenever I try to logon to any of my accounts to start
WINXP, I am getting the following error.  

Windows Product Activation
A Problem is preventing Windows from accurately checking
the license for this computer
Error Code: 0x800703e6.  This has started after a 9 hour
scandisk in which many of my files were truncated.  I had
previouly been having a keyboard hardware/virus problem,
where I will be typing in  Word, Outlook Express, or
Internet Explorer and " /aqz " will type automatically
followed by CAPS lock activating as well as a right click
menu popping up.  In Explorer the page will also scroll
backwards automatically to the previous pages without
prompting.  Occasionally all 1's will be repeated in
Word.  I feel that it is a virus, however it went
undetected by many Macafee virus scans as well as Norton
Antivirus scans.

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