HLP: Netscape Server Error 193

HLP: Netscape Server Error 193

Post by The Anonymous Lurk » Thu, 23 May 1996 04:00:00

Dear WhoEverThisReads,

I'm setting up a webserver : a Windows NT, Netscape Commerce Server
and for CGIs I use NT Perl.
Everything runs fine, NT runs, Netscape Commerce Server handles pages
very well, and NT Perl runs fine from the command prompt.

But when I make a <FORM> with a Perlscript it doesn't want to execute,
I always get this error in the Netscape Commerce Server Log File:
(I blanked out the host number and paths)

failure: for host 123.456.789.012 tryning to
POST /directory/cgi-bin/script.pl, send-cgi reports: could not send
new process (error code 193)

What the hell does this mean ?
I associated the .pl files with perl.exe, and the script.pl are
working fine under unix (even under NT Perl when I execute them at
the prompt).  The Netscape Commerce Server is allowed to run .PL files
in the cgi-bin directory, I even tried to allow both CGIs and WINCGIs
(= whatever that may be) and I still got the same damned error.

If you know, or might know or even think you might be able to solve
this stupid problem, feel free to email me at :

Thanks in advance,

Michael Bruyninckx


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