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I have tried many times to install IE4.01, both from the net and from CD. I
always get the msg about "Unable to download needed components; Internet is
likely busy."
I have read quite a few posts about this problem, and have tried everything I
have seen so far. I also read the MS Knowledge base articles, and have tried
what it said in there (rename wintrust.dll, wininet.dll and urlmon.dll to have
.old extensions). I also got rid of everything in the task list except
Explorer. I am still getting the msg. Does anyone know what else I can try,
short of a reformat?
Please email any responses, if convenient.


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I have got a copy of IE4 from a free cover disk (UK mag PC Plus). I go
through the setup program (choosing to open the file, rather than save
it to disk, which makes it think it will need to download the program).
When it prepares to install, it just says it could not install all the
components and tells me to exit all other programs and try again. I
wasn't running other programs, and there was plenty of disk space for
it. I also tried setup from Windows Explorer, and Run on the start menu.
It does the same on 2 other copies of IE4 on similar disks. I know I'm
doing something wrong, but what? My OS is Win95, and I'm using IE3 and
occasionally Netscape 4. I have 48MB RAM, so that shouldn't be a
problem. I'm using this newsgroup because the mag's support just refers
me to Microsoft's online support, which, quite frankly, is rubbish (you
can't contact a technical engineer by email!). Help would be much

server is messing me about and I'm temporarily using another one.
Sam, Hull, UK.

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