Submit Buttons

Submit Buttons

Post by Juan Martine » Mon, 25 Feb 2002 05:36:49

    OK so if I have this code in a .cgi file:


 <INPUT TYPE="submit" NAME="some-value-here" VALUE="Send">

    How do I get my "showp.cgi" to retrieve the value 'some-value-here'???
I have
the following in my showp.cgi:

my $num;
$num = param('name');

Is this not sufficient?  I'm getting a blank $num every time.



Submit Buttons

Post by Juan Martine » Mon, 25 Feb 2002 05:57:06

OOPS... sorry posted this in the wrong group....


1. IE6 button tag and multiple submit buttons

It appears when I include multiple submit buttons using the HTML 4
"button" tag in my HTML form, each with a name and value, all of these
names and values get submitted as part of the form data from IE6. This
appears to be inconsistent with the behaviour of "input" tag submit
buttons, where only the name and value of the clicked button is submitted.

Is this a bug?



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