HOWTO_ Localize App Resources with MFC

HOWTO_ Localize App Resources with MFC

Post by Carlos » Thu, 27 Apr 2000 04:00:00


 I'm trying to place ALL of the application's resources into a DLL.

 I found a way to do this in
 but it only works for older versions of MFC. (I have Visual C++ 6.0)

 Is there any other way to do this? Any other link with the solutions for
MFC 4.2?



1. MFC Resources DLL : a good way to localize apps ?


Our team in the past built language-resources DLL for our Win16 C/SDK
project. Since we use MFC with VC 4.x, I would like to know if this
system is still valid and how implement it with MFC framework.

In particular, what are MFC Resource DLL's ? Regular Win32 based DLL ?
MFC Extension DLL ?

How to switch between language at runtime ?

Have I to use the LCID resource extension ?

Does exist localization tools on the market ?

I would like to know how development teams work with localization
teams, what files are localized ( script resources or DLL's ?).
Microsoft is not clear about this problem and there is no samples

Another problem : since all of localized resources are in DLL
sub-projects, how can I use the ClassWizard with them. When I add a
CDialog derived class based on a Dialog ID, the MyDialog.h/cpp files
are added on the DLL subproject, not on the Application main project.
Very annoying.


Stphane Gibier
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