Image in background wxMDIParenteFrame

Image in background wxMDIParenteFrame

Post by William Manle » Sat, 07 Jun 2003 23:43:33

Quote:> Hi,

>   What can i do to put image in background wxMDIParentFrame?

Just a guess but try to draw in it in the onErase event handler


William Manley


1. Setting JPEG image as background image

I too am having problems selecting a JPEG image as
wallpaper on my desktop.

When I right-click on the desktop to select a JPEG image
as wallpaper, the computer goes through the motions of
displaying the selected picture; but all it does is
display an empty frame where the picture should be in the
pre-display window. When I click on "Apply", the picture
is not displayed on the desktop, even though, again, it
goes through the motions.

I have Windows 98 and IE6.

A few months ago the JPEG pictures could be displayed with
no problem at all. Now, it doesn't matter whether
the "Active Desktop" is selected or not. The result is the

If anybody out there has the answer to this problem I sure
would appreciate help with it.

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