slow access to https via Proxy server

slow access to https via Proxy server

Post by David Ann » Wed, 22 Jul 1998 04:00:00

>My company has customers who are experiencing extremely slow performace
>accessing our web site via https through their Microsoft Proxy Servers. Both
>customers are using version 2.0.

>Since we don't have the product ourselves this issue has been especially
>difficult to troubleshoot. Any help: clues, suggestions, thoughts, etc. Would
>be greatly appreciated.

Just a hint:

If the proxy server and firewall are on a network segment that is
shared with large numbers of internal machines, the internal network
traffic can swamp them. We put a router (with no filtering!?!) between
our internal network segment and the firewall/proxy segment. This
multiplied our performance by about 20 (ftp rates went from 4 K/s to
90 K/s).
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