Windows 2000 SP3 continuous reboot problem

Windows 2000 SP3 continuous reboot problem

Post by Ross McMill » Fri, 04 Oct 2002 07:41:22

I just got snagged by this.   I have seen postings indicating that the
problem is non-recoverable on a Dell PC but I managed to recover.  To

  - installed SP3
  - rebooted  
  - PC boots, gets to "preparing network connections"
  - PC boots
  - repeats ad nauseam

To get out of this, I just booted in safe mode with network support,
backed up stuff held on the local machine to another machine on the
network, went to Control Panel/Add/Remove Programs, selected Windows
2000 Service pack 3, and then removed it.  Machine booted fine after

Can't find anything on MS site re this as a known problem.  Shameful
really.  They should pull it.