Getting a WEB Browser started on a system with CUTCP already...

Getting a WEB Browser started on a system with CUTCP already...

Post by Kiernan Holla » Sat, 29 Apr 1995 04:00:00

I'm working for this professor here at UNM to get a browser up
on his 386 with Windows 3.1. I Downloaded a copy of Mosaic
for 16-bit and 32-bit systems as well as netscape and
was unable to get anything to startup.. It seemed mosaic
was missing a ton of files, Netscape was missing the "MSSETUP.EXE"
file.. I also learned that I might need "WINSOCK" or some such
peice of software to connect these browsers.. If anyone has and info, maybe a
URL: or ftp site, send it to me..

This professor will only pay for a "Working" browser.
I'ma a CS major, but I only know how to get HTTPD and web browsers
working on UNIX machines.. Its not quite as easy to do such things
on the personal computers because they aren't built with TCP/IP
and Internet on tap.. So, any links to info would be much
appreciated.. I already contacted someone at Clarkson university
about CUTCP to see if they know anything that might work..

Because he has CUTCP, this implies telnet acces and FTP access, because he does
have access to these.. So, I assume he can have HTTP as well, but
its questionable whether he has direct access to the Internet..
It seems everything has to go through the school's main set
of servers to get out to the Internet, so something less than a
typical browser would be welcome for inspection..

Thanks very much,

Kiernan Holland

My homepage is at
its undergoing reconstructive surgery as it
will be reformatted in the style of most 3D ARtist homepages.
I have an animation that is now at Pixar (who is releasing a movie
in the Fall that will have "Tom Hanks"dubbed  for one of several 3D characters)
and hopefully, I'll get a job there, but for now I have this animation..
Its entirely done on wavefront, which runs on SGI workstations only...
I know Composer, Kinemation, Dynamation, and the whole Advanced Visualizer,
if you have ever used Wavefront, that is the host of programs used in production
of most movies now.. SGI just bought up Alias and TDI, so if you want
to do professional 3D stuff you better consider learning how to use an SGI..