Hotkeys for virtual Palm kbd

Hotkeys for virtual Palm kbd

Post by A,K » Wed, 22 Sep 1999 04:00:00

Please let me know it (better by E-mail). WinCE version 2.
Can I change the national layout ? Or have I to download a special program ?



1. OE6 and Palm Desktop Software--Can't send Mail from inside Palm Desktop

My son installed OE6 when I was on a trip and now the Email option from
within Palm Desktop software is now greyed out.  I was able to send from
within the application before so I can only think this is an OE6 problem.  I
did open up the Options menu in OE6 to make sure it is the default mail
handler and it is.  One thing that does seem odd is that when I open up the
Internet Options icon in Win2K Pro Control Panel the Programs Tab does not
show any programs in the Email Program drop down list box.  Outlook Express
does show up as the News Reader.  Any help would be appreciated.

Mike Ritchey

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