Shared internet connection issue

Shared internet connection issue

Post by Coco » Mon, 25 Sep 2000 04:00:00

I have a curious issue with my W2KPro and internet connection sharing:

I configured the connection share, it works correctly (other computers on
the home network can connect to internet, at least http, smtp and ftp).

When a "standard user" (ie: NOT an admin) tries to connect to a pop server
on internet, I have a curious message and no pop access. If I modify the
same account to become "admin", without any other modification, it can
access to pop ... I have no problem with http, smtp ... (admin or normal

A curious think also:

When I look at the customization informations for outlook (same for outlook

I enter:
user name = myname
password = mypass
pop server =

Then, if I check my email (pop), it works (user or admin). BUT, when I
logout and then login, the same customization window shows:
user name = myname/
password = mypass
pop server = localhost

If I am connected as admin, I can connect to my pop account, if I'm a
standard user, it does not connect ...

Does someone have an idea on that ???

Many thanx / Merci beaucoup !