32-file access failure on wfwg 3.11 YIKES!

32-file access failure on wfwg 3.11 YIKES!

Post by David F » Wed, 22 Mar 1995 23:25:31

: OK. Here is the scenario.

: I had to help install a new 540 MB Caviar disk on a wfwg 3.11 system.
: The master would be a 340MB caviar. Easy as pie eh? Nope.. :(

: I downloaded and applied the new WD fastdisk driver to enable
: 32bit *disk* access on the new drive. That worked fine.

: 32bit disk access is now functioning on both caviar drives.

: But now no matter what I do, I can only get 32bit file access on the
: 340MB caviar "C" drive, and not on the 540 MB caviar "D".r.

: I made sure to format the "D" drive to the BIOS limits, (1024 cyl, 528MB)
: as not to confuse windows.

This might be wrong but does the 32 bit file access just apply to swap
files, which will only exist on one drive - ie the C: drive?



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I recently upgraded(?) from Win 3.1 to WFWG 3.11.  I can go into the
386 Enhanced setup and check the box for 32-bit file access, but it's
painfully obvious that no file caching is being done.  When I go back
and check, Windows says that my hard drives are using 16-bit file
access.  Maybe I should mention that I am also using 32-bit *disk*
access, and it apparently works.

Can anyone offer an explanation why 32-bit file access doesn't work?




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